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Biocide TM Article no. 29801

Product description

Biocide TM is a ready-to-use product for cleaning different kinds of surfaces polluted by algae or mould. Biocide TM acts chemically on the stains and removes them from the surface. Biocide TM causes an acidic reaction, and calciferous surfaces are then protected by a mineral layer, presenting highly unfavourable conditions for algae and moss. Renewed formation of these kinds of pollution is thus made harder and treated surfaces are spared for quite some time. Biocide TM was developed for experienced users. It is a strong cleaning agent providing good results. The application on washed concrete, concrete and brick pavings refreshes those kinds of surfaces, removes pollution and intensifies colours.


  • Garden timber
  • Crossovers
  • CSurfaces of bridges
  • Concrete floors and stairs
  • Wooden surfaces
  • Metallic surfaces
  • User instructions

    SThe surface to be treated is wetted before the application of Biocide TM to prevent loosened dirt particles from penetrating the surface. Penetrating dirt particles would make the cleaning more difficult. Apply Biocide TM by pouring, spraying or by using a brush. Let the product act for 30 minutes to 1 hour (don’t let it dry). The cleaning effect of Biocide TM can be enforced by brushing the surface with a broom or brush to remove even tenacious stains. Rinse the surface with plenty of clean water. Repeat the treatment for tenacious stains. Very porous surface can be treated with a broom. The impregnating effect of Biocide TM prevents the renewed formation of “green” soiling for a long time. Biocide TM can be thinned down with water in a relation of 1:3.


    It is recommended to wear protective clothing and gloves. When using Biocide TM protect neighbouring vegetation from any contact with the product. A trial application on a hidden spot is necesary before the actual application to test the reactions of the surface.