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Fullgrip TM Article no. 29713

Product description

Fullgrip TM is a 3 component epoxy resin containing high-quality hard material, specially developed to give antislip properties to many different kinds of surfaces. Fullgrip TM is easy to mix and to process. After the installation, the strewing of the hard material and hardening, an even and rough surface is obtained that is resistant to abrasion and weather and that can be called an antislip surface. Fire-dried quartz of a maximum grain size of 1 mm is included in the delivery for standard applications.


Fullgrip TM can be applied to almost every kind of solid surface and is used to give antislip properties to the following kinds of surfaces:

  • Garden timber
  • Crossovers
  • CSurfaces of bridges
  • Concrete floors and stairs
  • Wooden surfaces
  • Metallic surfaces
  • Product description

    Mix component A, add the whole quantity of component B and remix for about 3 minutes. Pour this mixture to the surface to be treated and distribute it to obtain a thin layer using a big brush. Now strew component C to this surface. Component C is pressed onto the layer, for example by using a lamb fur roll. Excessive material can be brushed away as soon as the hardening process is completed. The processing time depends on the temperature. At 20°C, the processing time is about 15 to 30 minutes, providing fast results. Lower temperatures prolong the processing and hardening times. Do not process this product at temperatures lower than 5°C. 2.5 kg of Fullgrip TM (components A, B and C) will cover about 0.75 to 1 m³, depending on the project and the thickness of the layer.


    The surfaces to be treated have to be clean and free of oil and grease. To assure good surface adhesion, those surfaces have to be absolutely dry. For the application on wood and concrete, these materials have to be thoroughly dry inside as well.

    It is recommended to wear protective gloves and clothing when processing this product. Tools have to be cleaned immediately after the application using a solvant (thinner).Once hardened, Fullgrip TM can’t be removed from tools.