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Permepoxy TM Article no. 29510 (Type I) / 29511 (Type II) / 29512 (Type III) / 29513 (Type IV)

Product description

Permepoxy TM is a water-permeable 3 component system containing a quartz and epoxy mortar. The product offers a broad variety of possible applications with numerous possibilities. Permepoxy TM can be used as an exchange for gravel or other fillers in the construction of footpaths and trails. As Permepoxy TM hardens, maintenance and cleaning require much less effort than for loose materials. The product’s structure allows to simply discharge water into the subsoil. Once hardened, Permepoxy TM is resistant to abrasion and chemicals and shows high compressive strength. Depending of the project and the desired results, different kinds of quartz compositions can be chosen from.


Permepoxy TM is used to:

  • Create footpaths and trails
  • Spray bands on house walls and gables
  • Cycle paths
  • Trunk markings
  • Water-permeable surfaces in the construction of greenhouses
  • Product description

    Thoroughly mix components B and C and then add them to component A. Mix the whole composition/mixture again, after which the product is ready to be processed. After the processing, stamp and compact the product. The density of the underground greatly influences the compressive strength of the hardened product. Level the surface before the hardening starts. The time of processing and hardening depends on the temperature. At 20°C, processing time is about 15 to 30 minutes, hardening takes about 2 to 4 hours, meaning that results are obtained soon after a short processing time. Complete hardening takes about 24 hours. Processing and hardening times are prolonged at lower temperatures. Do not process the product at temperatures below 5°C. Consumption depends on the level of compaction and the thickness of the layer applied. 100 kg of Permepoxy TM will yield a volume of about 65 litres.


    The surfaces to be treated have to be clean and free of oils and grease. To assure good adherence to the surface, the have to be absolutely dry. As Permepoxy TM is water-permeable, it is indicated to create a subsoil that is water-permeable or to create a slightly declining slope. This prevents the Permepoy TM-layer from filling with water and thus creates a good resistance to frost. Sand an/or recycled gravel mixtures have to be compacted and stabilised. When installing this product outdoors, weather and surfaces have to be dry.

    It is recommended to wear protective gloves and clothes when processing this product. Clean used tools immediately after the application using a solvant (thinner). Hardened Permepoxy TM can’t be removed from tools.