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Rapid Concrete TM - Article no. 29501

Product description

Rapid concrete TM is a ready-to-use, high-quality, mineral mortar. It is multifunctional and thus offers a wide variety of possible applications. Rapid concrete TM can be processed without preparation as it is a self-mixing concrete.


Rapid concrete TM is used for rapidly fixing (garden) posts, for the finishing of road construction works, for levelling kerbstones and for the construction of smaller foundations. The product is also suitable to anchor playground equipment, pergolas or (flag)poles. Rapid concrete TM is particularly suitable for the application with the Tillman GardenTechnology Rapid Pond Construction System.

User instructions

Half of the excavated hole is filled with clean tap water. The object to be fixed is positioned. Rapid concrete TM is filled into the hole, around the object, until the pit is full and the dry mortar is saturated with water (refill water if necessary). Hardening is not influenced negatively by little quantities of excessive water. Optionally level the concrete surface or cover it with soil or sods. Do not process Rapid concrete at temperatures below 5°C.

Fixing of posts

For fixing posts, excavate a pit of about 1/3 the size of the post. After placing the post, the pit is filled with water before dry Rapid concrete TM is added. Mix the concrete and the water using a shovel. After about 10 minutes, the post is fixed and doesn’t need further support, it can be charged lightly after a few hours.

Fixings/Finishes in road construction works

For the finishing of road construction works, a trench is excavated alongside the construction work, about 100 mm in breadth and about 70 mm in depth. The trench is wetted before dry Rapid concrete TM is filled in. A sufficient quantity of water is added. After about 30 minutes, the road can be compacted with a vibrator.

Placing of kerbstones

For placing kerbstones, a hole of about 200 mm is excavated where the stones join and filled with Rapid concrete TM. After placing the kerbstones the mortar is wetted using a watering can with a rose.

Smaller foundations

The foundations are filled with a layer of dry Rapid concrete TM (thickness about 80mm). Possible construction elements are placed onto the dry concrete layer before it is wetted using a watering can with a rose.


Contact your supplier for information about applications in construction projects. As the surface is little water-permeable, or even impermeable, after the installation and hardening, the pavement has to be designed in a way that allows surface waters to be easily discharged.