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Soil compactor TM Article no. 29701

Product description

Soil compactor TM is a cement-bound product especially developed for the underground solidification of (mosaic) pavings. Its well-balanced composition and special properties allow a considerable reduction of filler sand. As Soil compactor TM hardens after the application, it limits a possible sinking of the paving, as possible surcharges are distributed to larger areas. Moreover, weeds are prevented from growing through the once hardened layer.


Soil compactor TM is used to solidify the underground of:

  • (Mosaic) pavings
  • Terraces
  • Pavements
  • Cycle paths
  • Driveways
  • Parking spaces, and so on
  • Soil compactor TM can be used for laying tiles, artificial stone pavings, brick pavings, cobblestone pavements and for fixing natural stones.

    User instructions

    The underground is levelled and consolidated. Soil compactor TM is then applieddepending on the future strain on the paving. If the paving is expected to bear lower strain, as for pavements for example, the thickness of the layer of Soil compactor TM is recommended to be 1 cm. Increase the thickness of the layer in a relation to increased charge. During the installation of the (mosaic) paving, a part of the sand layer is mixed with a part of Soil compactor TM (by raking or milling). The (mosaic) paving is finished as usual (the paving is compacted and sand is strewn onto the surface). Soil compactor TM hardens (the hardening process is started by the humidity of the filler sand and the underground, and rain) after which the paving constitutes a single-layer surface through the composition of Soil compactor TM, the filler sand and the stones. Once hardened, the surface will be, almost, water impermeable. Thus, the paving should be designed and installed in a way to allow easy discharge of (surface) water.